3 Hidden Places You Must Clean for Safety and Health

House needs to be clean all the time to provide the healthiest environment to your family. However, common and general cleaning isn’t enough anymore. You need to reach several hidden places to make sure everything, and it means everything, is clean of dust and debris. What are those hidden places?


Fireplace is definitely a delightful feature in house, as long as you give it proper cleaning and maintenance regularly. As also mentioned in Goldensgoodair.com, unclean chimney can causes several major danger in the house. First, this chimney sweep Phoenix service mentioned that according to their experienced, chimney with irregular cleaning tends to have thick creosote built up on the walls. This creosote is produced by the fire burning and is brought up by the smoke. Without professional cleaning, this built up creosote can catch fire and causes major fire hazard in your house. This service offers excellent offer by cleaning the walls, getting rid of the built up creosote from the walls, removing bird nests on top of the chimney, and make sure that your chimney provides enough circulation from the fireplace. It, then, goes to the second danger. Unclean chimney will definitely not able to provide good air ways. It will not let the smoke out. Instead, the whole smoke gets in into your house. How is that healthy and fresh for your family? Even the smallest amount of smoke in regular intake can cause severe damage to your breathing system not to mention acute lung issues. So, this is essential to choose a good service to clean this space from time to time.

Air Duct

Air duct cleaning has drawn special attention by all government in all states. Records show that improper cleaning on this space can create health issue and energy crisis. Of course, you will definitely need professional service on this who can deliver the entire benefits of the cleaning. Make sure that you choose local service with experience and expertise on this field, not just some people looking for some more money. Without proper cleaning and inspection, you will have to face at least two major problems. First, you will not have fresh air indoor. In normal activities, air duct still needs regular cleaning to prevent dust, dander, chemicals, and other air pollutants contamination. It can be unseen but it will be felt. Chronic contamination will provoke breathing issues, environmental allergy, and auto immune disorder. Second, air conditioning and heating still creates dust and dirt in normal work. The filter can only do so much, and we still need to clean. Dirty air duct will force your air system to work even harder than it should be and it won’t result in the best way. This is energy waste and it is felt in your bills. If you clean it properly by hiring professionals, you will like your bills better.

Dry Vent

Dry vent is the other hidden places you need to clean. Dirty dry vent can cause several major damages. First, it can cause malfunction on your electrical system and it can provoke fire hazard. Second, you can build up carbon monoxide poisoning. This can be lethal in certain degrees. Third, mold and mildew can grow in it and it can only be prevented by cleaning the vent regularly. Fourth, clean vent supports perfect system that also means energy saving. Fifth, clean dry vent should keep your dryer life. It can be shorter in several conditions like dirty dry vent. Sixth, it will also save your clothing life. A dryer with dirty vent will tend to work unlike normal expectation. This abnormality can also cause damage to your cloth. Like the other two spaces, it also needs proper and regular cleaning. Since it includes electrical system, it needs different method and technique. If you are not sure about the job, and if you don’t know what you should do to clean it up, just hire professional service for it. You can choose local service with reputation and expertise on this field to do the job.

Those places are hidden and they are not easy to clean. You will need professional help to make sure everything is fine and clean. Choose only recommended service for the job because it matters a lot on your family health and safety. The benefit is eventually worth the effort you make.

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