Organizing Small Houses

Organizing Small Houses. If you have a small house (usually completely with minimalist design) does not mean you cannot make a house into a comfortable home. Can be made into a small house feels spacious and comfortable if you know the tips Organizing Tips Small House.

Tips house is fundamental to the way Organizing Small House with narrow land is that you have to look at the division of the room based the function and consistent with the function in arranging the room, furnishings and furniture.

Here are some tips Organizing Small House can do is:

1. Make the space as efficiently as possible. Observe the empty spaces in the house by using the Rungan to put the goods, such as the room at the bottom of the stairs; you can make a closet, or bofet.

2. Lighting should be considered. A bright room will feel airy, light rays are well used are yellow and white, yellow lights can give the impression of a natural and romantic warm white light while giving the impression of a formal, spacious and friendly. In addition, note also the distance and placement of the lights in any room of the house.

3. Adjust the window and use the right glass. Select a window with a size not large, fitted with a precise position for the supply of light, giving the impression of warmth, and help air circulation. Use a glass that is not patterned.

4 Choose paint the walls with bright colors. if you choose a dark-colored paint will give the impression narrow. If you liked the wall with the use wallpaper, choose the motive does not seem heavy for example; lines and boxes are small or thin so that the eyes do not feel quickly saturated.

5. If you have a house with two floors of stairs should be used with materials that seem mild so as not to cause a narrow sense in the room.

6. In selecting the furniture should be selected with a simple design and soft colors that impressed with the goal of producing spacious and light effects. To make it look natural insert potted plants or flowers in the room.

7. Use mirror that is not too big and not too much at certain angles in the house so the room seem spacious.

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