Organizing Small Houses

Having a small house with a land area of about 105 square meters does not mean being a problem making it interesting. The playhouse remains comfortable as long as you know how to work around this.

Lock the convenience of staying at home with limited land is the homeowner must pay attention to the division of space by function. The need for space in the small house must be managed effectively and efficiently.

Here are some steps that you can consider:

1. Make the room with Efficient. Observe the empty spaces in the house; take advantage to put the goods. For example under the stairs, you can place furniture or utensils or as storage. Can also below the sink to store goods.

2. Pay attention to lighting in the space reason. Rays of light that you can take advantage of the yellow and white. Light yellow light gives the impression of a warmer, natural, and romantic. While white light gives the impression of a formal, comprehensive, and friendly. Note also the distance of the placement of the lights in each room.

3. Set the Layout window and choosing the Right Glass. The laying of the window to be precise place, as well as the use of glass in the house can make a house look more spacious. Wear size is not large windows and glass are not patterned. The windows are fitted with the right position to be able to soak up the sun, giving warmth, and help air circulation in the house.

4. Paint Walls with Color Light. We recommend that you choose bright colors for the walls; the article dark color will give the impression the room more cramped and listless. If you love to wear wallpaper, choose a lightweight and light-colored patterned. Motif eg a thin line or a thin box. The goal is to rest the eye.

5. Ladder Made of Light. If your small house consists of two floors, you should choose the stairs of lightweight material because it will be seen not eat the already cramped space. Under the stairs can be used to place goods. However, avoid piling stuff on it because the room will look messy.

6. Selection of furniture. We recommend that you choose furniture with simple design. Choose color too soft furniture. The goal is to produce spacious and light effects. As a natural touch, insert natural elements such as potted plants or flowers in the house.

7. Use the Mirror. The mirror can be mounted on a particular corner of the house in the house. As is known, in addition to its usefulness dressed they can also get around the narrow space. Mirror not be too big and too much. Place in a corner and serves to give the impression area in the room.

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