Hire a Van at Cheapest Rate

There are times when you need to transport big bulk of things like you are moving various stuffs from home to a rental storage space or you want to move your business to a new location. The regulation here in UK forbids transporting big bulk of stuffs using passenger cars. It is required to use van or truck for the moving process.

Off course, most people don’t own that type of vehicle and to hire a moving service for such a small project can be really costly. But there’s always a better option like renting a van vehicle to drive yourself. This self-drive van hire is offered by many rental companies, one of the most recommended ones is A2B self drive. This company serves the area of North/East London with the cheapest self-drive van hire rate.

It can be the cheapest but it doesn’t mean it offers poor services. On the contrary, the services provided by this company is excellent. It has units of van varied in sizes ad guaranteed at top condition. Off course there are some requirements to hire the van like you must have valid driving license with good record, providing the proof of identification including showing credit/debit card.

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