4 Ways to Light Up Your Bathroom

bathroom lightingAre you tired of the same old florescent lighting every time you take a shower? Do you dream of a better vanity? Here are just four ways to spruce up your bathroom lighting and give the entire space a new look.

1. Light Bars

Light bars are extremely versatile accessories that can be added to walls, mirrors and cabinets alike. Stack them horizontally; pile them vertically; make them criss-cross for a contemporary look. It’s all up to you.

2. Multiple-Light Fixtures

Say goodbye to single bulbs covered in domes. With multiple-light fixtures, you can decorate your bathroom with entire rows of illumination. Three-light fixtures are the most common, but you can also find them in four, five and even six-light variations for true blazing brilliance.

3. Chandeliers

If you’re looking for something really grand, try a bathroom chandelier. They’re typically a big smaller than foyer or dining room chandeliers, but they come with all the class and style that you’d expect from such sophisticated fixtures.

4. Sconces

Sconces are a great way to add mood lighting to your bathroom. For example, you can frame your mirror for a glamorous Hollywood look or line your tub with dim bulbs for a romantic evening. The possibilities are endless!

Who says bathrooms have to be boring? If you’re ready to renovate, these are just a few ways that you can shake things up with modern bathroom lighting. Put on your decorating hat and get to work!

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