Choosing Between Real and Artificial Christmas Trees

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There is no holiday season like Christmas. Snow is falling and Christmas songs are sung just about everywhere. Family members across the states are coming home for annual Christmas dinner, with glazed hams, turkeys, mashed potatoes and a glass of eggnog. Holiday spirit is everywhere and little children listen to stories about Santa and his reindeers. Socks are hung across the fireplace and parents are busy wrapping gifts to be given to their loved ones. And there is no other perfect space to pile those gifts than under the astounding Christmas tree that has been decorated the night before. Be it a natural, just out of a tree lot fir or an artificial pre-lit one, a Christmas tree seems to have this enchanting charm from the first time we saw them brought into the house. When it comes to having a Christmas tree as a room decoration, you can opt to purchase natural or artificial trees. Here are some of their disparities.

Natural Christmas Trees

Purchasing a natural tree for Christmas decoration is not as difficult as it seems. All you need to do is to measure the available space in your house where you want to put the tree in and find a suitable tree from a lot. You will need a measuring tape, yardsticks, some blankets and some ropes during your search. There are many species of wood you may want to use as a Christmas tree, so you may want to discuss with your family members first about what species of tree they want to have this year. Douglas-fir, Balsam fir and Western White fir are popular Christmas Trees due to their classy looks but if you want to have more casual-looking decoration, Monterey Pine is a good choice.

Find a tree of your chosen species that has a sturdy trunk and less lifeless needles. If you want to put your tree in a stand, its height may increase about 5” so it is important to measure your tree carefully. Touch the needles; if they bounce back you may take it home, but if they are dry and easily broken you may want to find another tree to cut. Pay the tree and slide it onto your car using the blankets to protect the hood. Slide it up, the bottom end first to lessen damages made by wind during your travel back home.

Artificial Christmas Trees

Artificial Christmas Trees have been quite popular due to their value for money, durability and availability. Many people choose to use artificial trees because they do not want to cut real trees. There are numerous choices of artificial trees for sale available; from Traditional Christmas Trees, White Christmas Trees to Colorful Christmas Trees. Anyone could find an artificial tree that will suit his/her wish; from best value trees to most realistic trees you can find them in Christmas Trees stores. Some White Christmas Trees are even decorated to create snow-covered looks.

Artificial Christmas Trees have some advantages over natural trees. Some of the advantages are: you can find choices of trees within specific sizes and diameters so no need to measure trees with yardsticks; you do not have to drive to a lot to find your tree –you could just browse a tree in an online Christmas tree store, make your purchase and the tree will be delivered to your front door without having to leave the comfort of your room; plus no need to clean up the mess after Christmas! Just store it in the garage or in the storage room and you can use it again the following year.

Purchase high-quality artificial Christmas tree that is made of safe materials and has compact stand and hinged branches to ensure easy set up. Compare prices and find one that gives best value for money. After you made your choice, you could decorate your tree using colorful ornaments like silver or gold bells, mini garlands or mini pre-lit wreaths to name just a few. A bright-colored tree skirt is also a good option to add to the Christmas atmosphere.

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  • I love a real tree however over the last few years I have given up on them as I always seem to end up with a carpet full of needles, do you know of a species that is good and bushy but doesn’t drop needles like crazy?

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