5 Tips for an Easy Move

Moving soon? You have a busy few weeks ahead of you, which is why it’s so great to have reliable companies like Ottawa Movers – bye byeMoving on your side. Follow these tips for making your move a bit easier.

1. It’s easy to pack up everything when you know you’re moving, but odds are that you won’t unpack so quickly once you get to your new home. Keep an overnight bag separate from the rest so that you have the necessities on hand for the next day or two.

2. The best movers Hull will tell you to pack the items you’ll need first in a clear plastic bin. You’ll not only see exactly where your coffee cups, forks and bath towels are, but you’ll also know which of the boxes contain your essentials.

3. Save money on bubble wrap while also saving room in your boxes by wrapping breakables in clothing. Glasses and stemware can be safely stored in thick socks!

4. We know that you have limited time on your hands when moving, but try to get to your new place ahead of time to clean the bathroom and kitchen – it’ll be so much easier to make it sparkler before all of your stuff moves in.

5. There’s no need to unload all of your drawers for the move – they’re already packed for you! Simply cover them with Press’n Seal to keep everything in place.

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